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In Latin, 'ad vertere' means "to turn toward". Good advertising should ‘persuade’ a targeted audience to take or continue some action, usually with respect to a commercial offering or ideological supported by creating positive feelings and memories that subtly influence behaviour over time thus ‘encouraging’ us to purchase or ‘buy into’ something at a later date.

We have all heard the statement “I am not influenced by advertising”, believing that advertising is designed to create an instant response or make the consumer act and do something immediately. In fact, as this attitude implies, most people respond adversely to direct attempts at a ‘hard sell’.

The ‘art’ of a good ad is in it’s structure, balance, arrangement and of course, its ‘call-to-action’. With our experience, we know how to apply these vital elements to create striking and powerful adverts for our clients and attractive and memorable adverts for your consumer.

As well as the printed ad examples shown here we also develop ads and banners for digital media and websites.

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